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Initiate your crypto token with low gas fees and elevated transaction speeds with our BEP 20 token development services.


Steps Involved in
Creating BEP20 Token

WeApplepro Technologies help you to create BEP20 tokens by carefully following the required steps to create a well-deserving token for your business.

Step 1

Adopting a multi-coin wallet to your token - We help you to integrate your wallet and adopt them on a specific operational framework.

Step 2

We help you to sort out the wallet address to the desired token through a smart chain wallet.

Step 3

Start compiling codes by performing asset acceptance. We recommend BNB as it is the basic crypto in the Binance network.

Step 4

We assist your token to get redirected to the Integrated Development Environment for core asset management solutions.

Step 5

We assist your token to get redirected to the Integrated Development Environment for core asset management solutions.

Step 6

The smart contract is operable in various networks and we help you to get the best operational framework for your business.

Types of BEP 20 Token Development

Initiate your token like BEP 20 based on the business vertical you are starting with. The types of BEP 20 token development include

Governance Token

Create your governance based BEP 20 token and allow your users to vote on any changes in the token mechanism.


Initiate your utility token using our BEP 20 token development services that works effectively on your platform ecosystem.

Crypto Coins

Create a crypto token with BEP 20 token and list them in the exchange platform allowing your traders to buy and sell conveniently.

Crypto Derivatives

Create your BEP 20 token by pegging with real world assets like stocks instantly and generate profits.


Extensive Features of Our
Binance BEP 20 Token Creation Services

WeApplepro Technologies helps you to get your desired token like BEP 20 by applying some of the distinguishable features for BEP 20 token development services

Complete Ownership Rights

Being a token owner, it is up to you to mint or burn tokens as per the business demand and requirements.


Our BEP 20 token is compatible to all BEP- 20 token infrastructure and adaptable to all BEP-20 wallets.

Editing Roles on Access

This option allows you to edit your admin role or minter role as per your business convenience.


We offer you complete customization rights that you can add or remove any features as per your need.

Multi-crypto Assistance

Our token wallet offers support to more than 65 cryptocurrencies that your users will feel comfortable to trade.

Binance Chain Cross-Match

Despite being a BSC, you can swap or cross match your token with other blockchain that lies within the binance network.

Blockchain Availability

The token is secured by the blockchain technology and can get swapped from one blockchain to another.

Incentives to Validators

We set the token that offers your users incentives and rewards for various activities like staking or pooling, etc.


We imbibe various security features that protects your token business from any kind of cyber interruption.

Completely Decentralized

Your token is built on the DEX platform and there is no need for admin interference for your users unless there is a dispute.

Why should you
choose WeApplepro


WeApplepro Technologies is one of the premium token development company who have a wide expertise in creating impeccable token development for your business. With an acceptable knowledge in the Blockchain technology, we help you to create a token on a competitive blockchain network to stay ahead in your business. Our team has more than 5 years of expertise in crafting crypto tokens.

We, at WeApplepro technologies, offer you the best BEP 20 token development services. We allow you to customize your BEP 20 token as per your business requirement on any stage of development. Out token software enhances user experience with impeccable UI and Ux on the front end and stunning development process on the backend. We have a team of blockchain experts who build you a unique BEP 20 token on your desire.


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